Daya Rawat Invites You to Support Food for People During Appeal

If you haven’t already participated in the Extending Kindness appeal, I hope you will soon. Your support is key to making new initiatives possible.  Every program of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is an example of the ongoing outreach of your kindness.

This week’s new video is an uplifting example of how your support enables the Food for People Program in India to innovate and evolve to meet local needs.   Now, in addition to nutritious daily meals, your contributions support computer classes, sewing and dance classes, education in hygiene and more.  Thank you for helping this appreciative community continue to grow in prosperity, health and learning.

I look forward to sharing two more new videos with you ahead of the June 30 appeal deadline that highlight the amazing impact that TPRF can make with your support. You will witness police mentoring instead of enforcing, and gang members replacing violence with peace.  

With appreciation for each one of you,

Daya Rawat

President, The Prem Rawat Foundation



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