Daya Rawat Invites You to Put the Extending Kindness Appeal Over the Top

We are getting so close to reaching the goal of the Extending Kindness Appeal, and we need your help to put us over the top! So far, we have raised $142,800 of the $150,000 goal. Be sure to show your support ahead of the June 30 deadline. 


I appreciate the generosity, and indeed the kindness, of each of you who donates, whatever the amount of the gift.

Donations turn into lifesaving food, water, medicine, peace education and hope to people in desperate need. Your effort not only brings them essential aid but also the sense of mattering, of receiving help from people who care.

This week’s video is called “Peace Warriors,” a name that reflects the amazing turnaround of a Bloods gang in Ecuador who, inspired by Prem Rawat 8 years ago, began a journey of shifting their efforts from violence to peace. Just as remarkable is that your support is now helping them facilitate the Peace Education Program for more gang members in surrounding communities, magnifying their positive example. 

A gang promoting peace? Watch the inspiring transformation in their lives.

Let’s go over the top by June 30! 

Thank you once again for your dedication and generosity,

Daya Rawat

President, The Prem Rawat Foundation



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