Daya Rawat Introduces Awakening Dignity Appeal

“Peace is inside of you, and you can feel it in your life. Dignity begins when you realize what you are all about.” – Prem Rawat

This week marks the start of the Awakening Dignity Appeal, an opportunity to support Prem Rawat and his foundation in helping people live up to their fundamental human potential. Your help expanding possibilities for people to enjoy their innate dignity through the Peace Education Program, Food for People and more is greatly appreciated.

Between now and the December 31 appeal deadline, I am excited to share several new videos that show how your support transforms lives. 

This week there are a couple of different uplifting releases. 

You can watch a replay of the November 28 premiere screening of Prem Rawat’s first visit to Zimbabwe to meet with Peace Education Program participants and supportive officials at Harare Central Prison.

You can also watch a video that summarizes how your support has enabled the Peace Education Program to keep growing and have a great impact in 2022, including a shorter excerpt of the Zimbabwe event.

In both of these videos, the gratitude that people express to Prem Rawat for how the program helped them discover a sense of self-respect, even behind bars, is remarkable.

Thanks to the generosity of matching donors, your contributions will be doubled up to $55,200, so it’s a great opportunity to get the appeal off to a roaring start toward the $175,000 goal!

With appreciation for all that you do,

Daya Rawat

President, The Prem Rawat Foundation



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