Daya Rawat Introduces Appreciation Appeal

I’m excited to launch the Appreciation Appeal, an opportunity to express and cultivate gratitude. Your help reaching the goal of raising $175,000 by June 30 is very much appreciated.

Joining me in launching this appeal are a range of TPRF team members from across the globe who share their heartfelt appreciation for your support in this new video message. They also share some of the details on how your contributions will support Prem Rawat’s work and help more people benefit from the Peace Education Program, Food for People and other extraordinary initiatives.

Watch the Video

So much of Prem Rawat and his foundation’s work is about empowering people to experience more gratitude in their lives – gratitude for new opportunities, gratitude for each breath, for each moment. Over the next few weeks I will share more videos that highlight the beautiful role your support plays in this profound work.

Thanks to the generosity of matching donors, your contributions will be doubled up to $57,767 so now is a great time to amplify your impact!

With appreciation,

Daya Rawat

President, The Prem Rawat Foundation



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