Inviting Peace In

At the beginning of the year, we met with the director of Unit 1, a huge prison ten-minute walk from the women’s prison. Unit 1 houses 1,700 inmates, mainly men, with a staff of 1,200. The director heard Prem Rawat speak when he came here last year and invited us to start a workshop there, too. We told him that Prem Rawat might come to South America again soon, and he said, “Let’s invite him. His message will help the inmates!” We happily agreed!

Week of Peace Part 2

The day after the conference on peace, we went on a tour of the Kasbah with Mayor Cristaldi, and to our surprise, we saw three of our leaflets that somebody had put up on a shop door as a means of advertising the conference. More than thirty Arabs attended the conference on Friday.

Mission Accomplished on World Water Day

The idea came to Becky Straw and Jody Landers, Co-Founders of the Adventure Project, from members of her organization, known affectionately as the “Tribe.” One week before World Water Day (March 22nd) blog writers proposed a challenge to raise $10,000 in one day by promoting the Adventure Project’s latest initiative: repairing broken water pump handles in northern India. The anticipated results of the initiative are twofold. By bringing wells that have fallen into disrepair back into use, 300 more people per month (3,600 per year) will have access to clean water. In addition, the initiative will provide training and jobs to enable unemployed people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Back to Bantoli (Part Two)

Then, Pawan Kumar told me something interesting. He said the whole area is very dangerous with dacoits (bandits) roaming everywhere, especially at night. If the bandits stop anyone from the Bantoli FFP, they always let them go on their way unmolested because of their understanding of the good work being done at the facility.

A Square Meal for a Good Life

Life is challenging enough for those of us who have the good fortune to eat three square meals a day. Imagine what it would feel like to go to work every day on an empty stomach? The handicap of hunger can be compared to a runner trying to compete in a marathon with weights attached to his or her legs.

Welcoming Fresh Hope

The topic for discussion at a Durbar is usually a pressing issue that affects everyone in the town or village. The Durbar held in July in the village of Otinibi turned out to be more of a celebration than a meeting to work through a crisis or a set of problems facing the community.