Bold Art for Bold Causes

Tangerine Meg at work

Tangerine Meg is a professional artist from Adelaide, Australia who is also an active supporter of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). We caught up with her recently and asked her what inspires her to raise donations for TPRF’s humanitarian programs through her artwork.

What motivated you to start your Bold Art for Bold Causes project?

For many years I listened to Prem Rawat’s message of peace and longed to help with his humanitarian work. I’d send a donation if I had a windfall or a surprisingly big paycheck, thinking, “When I have lots of money I’ll help more.” Eventually I decided to help in a way that was more sustainable for me. When I make a sale from my art website, I now send a percentage to TPRF. This has added an extra layer of meaning to my art business.

Tangerine Meg's cards

Tangerine Meg’s cards

What materials do you use?

I use my skills as an artist–making watercolor paintings and hand-colored lino prints. And I feature my art on calendars, prints, cards, and combo packs. I learned to use the open-source WordPress software so I could build my own website to use as a platform.

What do you do that works well?

It’s heartwarming to actively engage and connect with people via art and color, both online and at exhibitions and art markets. The percentage sent to TPRF makes the art sales extra joyful for me, knowing I’m contributing to a win-win-win situation.

How much money did you raise last year?

In 2014 my “bold soul tribe” and I contributed AUS$642.64. We are on track to send more in 2015.

How many people get engaged with your initiative?

Many dozens of people have shown their interest by subscribing to my mailing list, and buying original art and prints for their homes, in person and online.

Were there any surprising or poignant moments for you?

When my colorful art brings a smile to someone’s face or they put a hand to their heart, in turn that warms my heart. Lovers of colorful art buy my artwork because they enjoy it in its own right. I feel good every time I channel some money to help Prem Rawat’s humanitarian projects. I love knowing that barely any of the TPRF money goes to administrative costs; the bulk of donations go towards supporting initiatives like Food for People and the eye clinics in India.

A customer looks at one of Tangerine Meg's calendars

A customer looks at one of Tangerine Meg’s calendars.

Recently, when the Nepal earthquake happened, TPRF immediately offered the option to direct funds to aid there. This makes it easy for my customers and I to contribute to timely humanitarian work. I usually include a link to the TPRF donation page on my website so folks can donate directly if they don’t want my art at that time, or want to give a particular amount.

As a bonus, it raises the quality of my own life when, as an ongoing activity, I can use my skills and quietly send money for humanitarian aid.

Thank you, Tangerine Meg!

Find out more about “Bold Art for Bold Causes” here.




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