Bantoli Expressions

TPRF received this letter of appreciation from a student who lives in Bantoli, India, where the first Food for People facility has been in operation for more than five years.

My name is Binod Gope. I am a student, and Food for People has helped me a lot. Now, I have the ability to progress in the life ahead of me. By eating here, a balance is maintained. My mind is active and I get nutritious food.

The Food for People facility and the area around it is so beautiful, especially when the weather is pleasant.  Words of praise are not enough to describe how beautiful it is. The enchanting atmosphere touches our hearts. There are trees, flowers, and grass all around this place that please our eyes, and we don’t want to look away from it.

No matter how much one praises FFP, it is not enough. The nature, discipline, sweet words, and kind behavior of the people here is a very good experience. We have learned about the Seven Wonders of the World. I feel Food for People is the Eighth Wonder. I can’t believe it’s real.  

I am a poor student and PF has given me a lot of support. I want to study and progress and become a doctor. I will make a government hospital for the relief of people in my village and nearby so that they can breathe easier.

On behalf of the villagers around me, I want to heartily thank those who have done this good deed of Food for People and have given a breath of relief to poor people nearby.

Villagers from nearby places, like students and the elderly people, have received so much support. In my opinion, Premsagar Foundation is our Paalanhaar (savior.)

Thank you.

Shri Yunus, Principal of the Chatti Middle School in Bhandra, India, writes: 

I was able to tour the entire Food for People establishment in Bantoli recently and was highly impressed by the manager and the setup. The organization, discipline, behavior, hygiene, vegetable farm, and maintenance of the facility are all exemplary.

About 100 children from my school benefit from the food here every day. They have improved with respect to attendance in school, regularity in homework, discipline, concentration, neatness, behavior, health, and the ability to learn.

*Photos By TPRF Staff

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