Anticipation and Spirits Rise in Otinibi

We asked Kafuie Esi Adjei to give us an idea of what the Otinibi villagers were feeling and thinking with the opening of the third Food for People facility in Ghana just around the corner.  Here is Kafuie’s report.

Everybody is busy putting the finishing touches on the Food for People facility. The electricians, painters, terrazzo men, and roofers are very busy. In about two weeks all work will be completed. The members of the staff that will take care of the place are very happy and are eagerly awaiting their appointment letters to start work. Hopefully, the first meal will be served as early as February 7, the inauguration day. 

Everybody is excited and the whole village is wondering whether it is a dream or a reality. The inauguration of Food for People in Ghana will mark a turning point in the lives of the children of Otinibi. They cannot wait to see it open so they can have delicious and nutritious meals.

People who walk and drive by wonder what is going on; and when they are told, they get very excited and amazed.

The Assistant Headmistress of the Otinibi School, Mrs. Esther Nkansah, said things are moving faster than she expected and that it all happened in a “twinkle of an eye.” Everybody is talking about how fast the project has been built. The elders are saying how happy they will be to eat in that fine environment.  

Mrs. Nkansah congratulates TPRF and all the people behind the whole idea. She thinks that Prem Rawat, the founder of TPRF, needs to be congratulated and that “he is a very genuine person. It is very clear that sooner or later we will be enjoying the benefits of the program here.”

Wisdom Atsu, a student, said words cannot express his happiness. “Most of my friends express the desire of coming to my school,” he said.

Everybody is looking forward to the opening day.

Photos Courtesy of Prembaf Staff

Interior and Exterior Finish Work Underway



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