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Candice Wilmore is retired from her 9-5 job, but she stays active with her small booking company that hires musicians, many of them from the Jazz genre. Candice spent most of her working life in retail sales and management. She was often involved in areas related to promotion and public relations with for profit and non-profit entities, mainly as a writer. As an active member of TPRF’s Independent Fundraising Team, Candice works in a liaison and coordinating capacity to support individuals and groups that wish to integrate their efforts with the Foundation’s programs and goals and raise funds with independent events.  In this post, Candice informs readers how individuals and groups can work to support the cause of world peace by participating in this year’s upcoming “Peace Day” celebration.


September 21 is celebrated as the UN International Day of Peace. In support of this annual event, The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Independent Fundraising Team is offering support to groups or individuals who wish to host awareness or fundraising events about TPRF. We are hoping to focus on the Peace Education Program (PEP). For more info on this program click here: PEP

Lansing Michigan City Hall 2006

Newly released PEP brochures and a short DVD will be among materials available to assist in your efforts. There will also be a special blog you can use to post information about your plans and to inspire others to participate. In addition, there will be a map to enable people to find and connect with events in their area. You can also find information and updates on TPRF’S Facebook Page.

If you haven’t already chosen an activity for Peace Day, please visit tprf.org for event ideas that may be of interest to you. Look under “How to Help.”

To date, we’ve heard about a display at a City Hall lobby in Michigan featuring an auction of an original painting; a two day celebration at the Echo Valley Farm in Wisconsin; plans for an event in Woodstock, New York; and several other activities around the world. We know many more will be added to this list before September 21!

Many organizations and individuals have announced their plans for Peace Day. You might consider networking with other celebrations on the topic of peace as an alternative to organizing your own event, while still presenting information about TPRF and PEP.

Your event will be an independent local initiative sponsored by you and your team, rather than TPRF. The TPRF Independent Fundraising Team will be available to support and offer guidelines to assist you. Your first step in getting that support will be to fill out the form at the link called Submit Event Information.

Again, whatever kind of event you choose to host, the information on this form will help us greatly in supporting your efforts and in getting your event listed on our map.

Stay tuned for email and video updates in the weeks leading up to September 21.

Best wishes and have fun!

Candice Wilmore

[email protected]

Top right photo: Echo Valley Farm in Wisconsin

Boston Area Independent Event



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