A Mother and Daughter's Story

Here are two brief accounts from family members benefiting from the Food for People facility in Northern India.

Sushila Kumari—A student from the village of Bajiatoli attending Food for People:

I have been getting meals at Food for People for the last five years. Since then there has been happiness in my life. Before the establishment of the center, it was very difficult to get cooked food at home in time to go to school. I used to get sick frequently.

Now, everyone’s health has improved. The food here is nutritious and is making my body strong. I even like the discipline of standing in line and washing my hands. I also really enjoy watching TV before and during the meal.  Food for People provides everything including toilets, tap water, a plate full of food and a tumbler of drinking water.

I get to Food for People at 8:00 in the morning and then walk to my school in the village of Bantoli. When I finish my education, I want to join the police service and serve the people of this nation.

This program should continue so that every child can get good food, stay healthy, and perform well in their studies.

With these words I stop writing.

Sushila Kumari’s Mother—Excerpt from an interview:

I have five daughters. Four of them go to Food for People and the youngest is a baby. I also have a son who is studying in college.

My daughters go to school almost every day now. They used to go only about half the time. Their health is better. Now they get sick much less, with less stomach problems and less coughing.

There is a positive change in the way my children think. They have begun to talk about their future plans.

The children come back from school around 4:30 in the afternoon. Now, after they get home home, they help with the domestic work because they are stronger. The children can now occasionally help with farming chores.  They also help on the days they do not go to school.

This program should continue so that more children can get the positive benefits that my children receive.

Please note: Sushila Kumari and her mother DO NOT appear in the photos below.

Photos courtesy of Maria Goeldner, Edwin Mbolamana, and Cynthia Allan.

Enjoying the Amenities at Food for People Bantoli



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