A Letter from Yoshida

TPRF received this email from Yoshida, a 54-year-old man in Japan two days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Here is his largely unedited message describing the damage from the recent catastrophe and his efforts to reach survivors in northeastern Japan, the hardest hit area.

Dear All:

On 11th March, 3 PM, gigantic earthquake hit east and northern part of Japan. Disaster tsunami hit northern Pacific coast 20 minutes after the earthquake. Probably more than 10,000 people died in this area by tsunami. Earthquake was so big but not so much damage.

A prayer for Japan

A prayer for Japan

I am living in Tokyo. Even Tokyo magnitude was 6, shaking 4-5 minute so strongly that time. On 11th all of the train was stop near Tokyo area whole days. Until today, like a wave on and on, earth quake hit always every 30 minute shake magnitude 1-4 till now. First time for me. I never experience before. I am 54 years old.

17 friends were living in those northern areas, but 9 people are OK!  8 right now unknown their safety yet. Telephone line is broken include mobile phone. No electric and no water or no gas no food and cold, sometime snowing out there. This is the reason no contact with them, especially 3 person living on the coast side northern east of Japan.

I am very afraid for their safety. We will Google and twitter or PC system or NTT phone safety line and national TV station system for safety. Will use to know their safety. Other 5 person is hopefully OK!

But nothing I can do. Freeway is still close and train is stop all the time to northern area. USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thai, Singapore, New Zealand, EU and many other country help us. Send rescue team for them. It is great and amazing.

Also nuclear power plant blast off. Two friends with family living 5 km from plant. They must move to 20 km from plant. Lot of things happened here in Japan.

Thank you to TPRF for making a fund for Japan disaster by Tsunami and Earthquake. It would be very hopeful for us. It is makes encourage for us.

Best Wishes


Photo Courtesy of AP News Service



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