Weaving for Peace (Part Two)

I sensed a deep, emotional response from the audience. The “Performance Art” and beautifully painted mosaic left the public speechless for a few moments. Slowly at first, the audience broke out with warm applause which continued enthusiastically for a long time.

Weaving for Peace (Part One)

We named the event “Tessere per la Pace” which in Italian means “Weaving for Peace,” or “Tiles for Peace.” The purpose of the exhibition was to make people reflect on the theme of peace not as an absence of war, but as an individual need, an inner necessity, as Prem Rawat simply explains and helps people to discover.

Weaving Peace Education into India’s Central Silk Board

Weaving Peace Education into India’s Central Silk Board

Known as the “Queen of Textiles,” silk is a shimmering fabric that often signifies comfort, elegance, and style. The silk industry is a big business in India, and the government’s Ministry of Textiles supports it through a large agency called the Central Silk Board. The Silk Board recently started offering the Peace Education Program (PEP) to employees, with great results.

Tejer por la paz (segunda parte)

Giustino Caposciutti creador del genuino “Arte Participativo” reunió a artistas y residentes para promover una convivencia pacífica a través de la pintura durante la Semana de la Paz y la Solidaridad en Mazara del Vallo, Sicilia. El artículo de esta semana concluye el...