A Visit to Bantoli FFP

A Visit to Bantoli FFP

Juli Hammersley is a TPRF volunteer who co-chairs the donor relations team for TPRF. When she had an opportunity to go to Delhi, India, she asked if she could visit the Food for People facility in Bantoli, over an hour’s drive from the city. Welcomed to come, she...

Expresiones desde Bantoli

La Fundación Prem Rawat recibió una carta de agradecimiento de un estudiante que reside en Bantoli, la India, donde la primera de las instalaciones de Food for People (Alimento para la Gente), lleva operativa desde hace cinco años. Me llamo Binod Gope. Soy estudiante,...

Bantoli Expressions

My name is Binod Gope. I come to this facility to eat food and this gives me a lot of benefits. I am a student and Premsagar Foundation has helped me a lot. Now, I have the capability to progress in the life ahead. By eating here, a balance is maintained. My mind is active and I get nutritious food.

Back to Bantoli (Part Two)

Then, Pawan Kumar told me something interesting. He said the whole area is very dangerous with dacoits (bandits) roaming everywhere, especially at night. If the bandits stop anyone from the Bantoli FFP, they always let them go on their way unmolested because of their understanding of the good work being done at the facility.

Back to Bantoli (Part One)

The facility itself is very clean, inside and out, with a well ordered routine much in evidence. When the Children arrived, they formed neat queues and waited to first wash their hands and then to sit down in their designated seat in front of a large screen showing cartoons and programs about Geography. A few minutes later, the Attendants call the Children, row by row, to get their Thali (main course meal) accompanied by Rice “Dal” (dried peas, beans, or lentils) and Subji. They can return for seconds if desired. I also noted that there is no need to enforce the system.