celebrating 20 years

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in TPRF’s 20th Anniversary Celebration!!

Thousands of you from 72 countries joined the conference live as it unfolded on November 14, and we hope that it gave you a vibrant sense of Prem Rawat’s vision, TPRF’s impact, and the incredible opportunity we have going forward to make a real difference in people’s lives.

The video recordings of all the main stage sessions are available below for on-demand replay. 


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Enjoy a selection of inspiring videos about the work of TPRF to get you ready for the day.


Coming Together to Celebrate and Make a Difference

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This opening session features perspectives on what TPRF has accomplished over the last 20 years and expresses appreciation to all of the supporters and volunteers who have made it possible. Speakers include conference host Jake Frankel, TPRF Communications Director, Linda Pascotto, TPRF Board Chair, Daya Rawat, TPRF President, and Prem Rawat, TPRF Founder.

In addition to Prem Rawat’s live talk during this session, his inspiring vision is featured in new videos in other sessions throughout the day.

Extending a Hand with Dignity: TPRF’s Approach to Humanitarian Aid

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Learn from Prem Rawat’s perspective on why helping each other through tough times is important, and how TPRF has helped people in 40 countries recover with dignity from hardships. A recent example of this work during the pandemic, the Seeds of Hope project, is highlighted as a model for addressing food insecurity with presentations from initiative organizers in Ecuador – Paul Murtha, Pilar L de la Torre, and Christopher Robles.

Empowering Communities: The Food for People Story

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Learn about Prem Rawat’s vision for the Food for People (FFP) program, what it has achieved by serving over 4.1 million nutritious meals, and how it is evolving to meet local needs by offering more educational opportunities. Suraj, Abigail, and Sangita, three young adults from India, Ghana, and Nepal, share how the program changed their lives. Bruce Keenan from the TPRF Board joins to discuss the program’s future.

Building a Foundation for Peace: Events & Forums

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TPRF sponsors live events and forums with Prem Rawat and other leaders to build awareness that personal peace is the strongest foundation for world peace. This session features a new video of highlights from these events over the last 20 years.

Peace Education Program Session I: Why does the Peace Education Program work cross-culturally and in diverse settings?

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In a series of videos and live, interactive presentations, Prem Rawat, staff, volunteers, and participants offer insights into why and how the Peace Education Program is making a profound difference around the world. Dr. Mitesh Desai moderates a panel including Willow Baker, Program Director, Josselin Brain, Program Support Coordinator, and Begoña Trillo, Program Training Coordinator, to discuss the focus, content, and design of the program, and to answer questions submitted by conference participants.

Peace Education Program Session II: What is the impact of the Peace Education Program in our troubled world?

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This session features the premier of “Slaying the Dragon,” a short documentary about Billa Nanra’s experience with the program in a UK prison and how it helped him overcome heroin addiction. Billa then joins Ernest Leketi, South Africa Peace Education Program Coordinator, Cunini Morejon, a Bloods gang leader in Ecuador, and moderator Leonie Small, a former mentor coordinator at a U.S. Federal Penitentiary, to discuss the impact of the Peace Education Program in our troubled world. Cunini and the Bloods also express their feelings about the program with a musical contribution.

Peace Education Program Session III: What are the future possibilities for the Peace Education Program and how can I get involved?

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We hear from Catherine Gavigan, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Wellbeing and Resilience, and Social Worker Christopher Dawson, who have been instrumental in developing the PEP EDU pilot course and a strategy to make it available to high schools and universities. Then Dr. Mitesh Desai and panelists return to discuss other future plans for the program and offer volunteer opportunities. We also hear firsthand from current Peace Education Program volunteers.

The session closes with panelists from all Peace Education Program sessions returning to respond to your questions.

Moving Forward Together

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TPRF Executive Director Marcia Leitner shares some closing remarks and thoughts on how we can move forward together to make a difference. We end the day with a musical performance from Ernest Leketi and the New Age Choir.