101 Little Treasures

TPRF’s ongoing financial support of the Cambodian Children’s Fund has helped to extend vital, life-saving services to an additional 101 Children through the CCF Daycare Program. This report from CCF focuses on one shining example of the program’s success.

Dear Members of The Prem Rawat Foundation:

The children enrolled in CCF’s Daycare need enough calories to fuel their active play and their various stages of growth. Each day these little ones receive daily breakfasts and midday meals prepared with fresh, locally purchased ingredients. Children also have mid‐afternoon snacks and receive daily supplements to help correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies. None of this would be possible without the generous support organizations like The Prem Rawat Foundation.

The nutrition program has become such a success that CCF has been able to extend care to include 101 little ones. Srey Lin’s story is one example of this success.

Srey Lin

Srey Lin was one year old when she first joined CCF. When she arrived, malnutrition had stunted her growth. The sixth child in a destitute family, Srey Lin suffered from dyspigmentation. This condition tinged her sparse hair a reddish‐orange color due to deficiencies in protein, zinc and iron. Childcare and medical staff worried that her lethargy indicated impaired mental functioning.

Within three short months of her enrollment at CCF, Srey Lin was thriving—physically gaining height and weight, and cognitively becoming focused and active. She has emerged as a sunny and gregarious little individual who runs laughing to greet visitors – and who is renowned for her appetite for second and even third helpings of her three daily meals.

CCF continues to see transformations just like Srey Lin’s. Poor families who were unable to provide basic nutrition to their children are proudly watching as their children grow into healthy and happy individuals who are filling their bellies with nutritious meals and their minds with education—essential ingredients to alleviating poverty.

The Prem Rawat Foundation has made all of these successes possible, by providing nutrition and enriching the lives of 101 little treasures. Thank you for this generous gift.


Lindsay Huff

Director of Development & US Operations/Cambodian Children’s Fund

Photos Courtesy of Cambodian Children’s Fund

Srey Lin With Other Children in CCF Daycare



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