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Research Shows Peace Education Program Results

Studies show positive impacts on people across the globe.

The Prem Rawat Foundation advances dignity, peace, and prosperity by addressing fundamental human needs.

Appreciation Appeal

Donate & Watch New Videos!

Learn More & Listen

Research Shows Peace Education Program Results

Studies show positive impacts on people across the globe.

Peace Education Program

Learn how to offer this workshop series and help people discover personal peace.

Rehabilitation Through Peace Education Program in South Africa & Globally

Helping with alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation, the Peace Education Program has remarkable success and is “a dream come true” in South Africa.

Peace Education Program Inspires Transformation in Mexico

Thanks to the strong support of donors, volunteers, partner organizations and others, the Peace Education Program has topped the milestone of reaching over 300,000 people in 80 countries! The benefits have been profound, with participants across cultural divides...

Brighter Kashmir News Covers Peace Education Program at National Institution of Technology Srinagar

The Brighter Kashmir news outlet recently covered the Peace Education Program at the National Institution of Technology (NIT) Srinagar in India. 60 students and faculty at the school participated in the workshop series, giving it great reviews. Administrators at NIT...

Case Study: Peace Education Program Facilitates Culture of Peace in Peruvian Schools

Learn how the Peace Education Program is helping facilitate a culture of peace at schools in Cusco, Peru.

Women’s Rights Conference Highlights Peace Education Program

To mark the International Day of Women’s Rights on March 8, a free forum will highlight the Peace Education Program.

Food for People

Help people emerge from poverty with healthy food, clean water, and education.

Feeding the Homeless in Brazil: TPRF Grants in Action

A Prem Rawat Foundation grant through its Food for People program is feeding the homeless and providing them work in Brazil.

Prem Rawat Foundation & Likhon iThemba Partner to Feed Children in South Africa

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has expanded an initiative to feed vulnerable and disabled children in Durban, South Africa.

Keeping Cool at the Food for People Facility in Ghana

The Prem Rawat Foundation recently installed new solar panels at Food for People in Ghana to provide sustainable and cost-efficient power and air conditioning to children.

New Classrooms Being Built at Food for People India to Address Local Needs

The Food for People program is evolving to meet local needs in India, building 6 new classrooms to further help people emerge from poverty.

Celebrating Success: Food for People Panel

In these interviews, three young adults from India, Ghana and Nepal share how the Food for People program changed their lives.

News & Results

See the latest stories and updates about your impact.

Daya Rawat Invites You to Feed Appreciation by Supporting Food for People

Daya Rawat invites you to support the Food for People program and introduces a new video that shows your impact.

Daya Rawat Introduces Appreciation Appeal

In this new letter, TPRF President Daya Rawat launches the Appreciation Appeal, an opportunity to express and cultivate gratitude with your support.

Prem Rawat Breaks World Record at Book Launch Marking Enthusiasm for Peace

On April 2, 2023, in Lucknow, India, Prem Rawat set the world record for the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author.

New “Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” Podcast Series

Season 4 of Prem Rawat’s inspiring “Life’s Essentials” podcast recently launched with new episodes that are released every Tuesday.

Prem Rawat Foundation Provides $375,000 in Aid for Earthquake Victims

Thanks to your support, TPRF has been able to provide $375,000 in humanitarian aid for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

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Meals served by Food for People program

Participants in the Peace Education Program

See how your support for the Food for People program empowers communities by providing nutritious meals, clean water, and educational opportunities.
This is a brief intro to the Peace Education Program, a series of video-based workshops that help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace.

Your support for TPRF has helped people in 40 countries recover with dignity from hardships. Learn more about Prem Rawat’s approach to humanitarian aid and show your support here.

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