Peace Begins with You

The Mission of TPRF

is a simple one: to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. All the activities and programs of the Foundation are designed to support the right of every human being to these fundamental elements of being human:


The Foundaton’s premise is that where the dignity of others is respected, peace can manifest within individuals and between peoples. Throughout the ages, times of peace have been the times of the greatest prosperity for all.

The Foundation focuses on three main areas:

Message of Peace

Peace Education Program

Food for People

TPRF is a US-based public non-profit charity organization, whose worldwide efforts are funded by the generosity of donors from over 50 countries. Most of the Foundation’s staff, including the Board of Directors, are volunteers.

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Peace for People 2014

Citizens of the Earth

Internaional Day of Peace 2014As a contribution to the global effort behind International Peace Day, TPRF is offering a Peace for People 2014 initiative. Citizens of the Earth, a new short video for Peace Day 2014, will be launched via this page on September 12, beginning the 10-day countdown to Peace Day.

You can view TPRF’s four 2013 Peace Day videos through the links here, and also see a growing list of partnering organizations that will be helping to promote the viewing and sharing this year’s video.

Real Stories Blog

First-hand accounts from the field

- Ivete Belfort

Real Freedom Ivete Belfort is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she graduated as a business administrator with a master’s degree in Communication from Getulio Vargas Fundation. For the past few years, she’s been a dedicated volunteer for TPRF and Words of Peace Global. She is also a counselor for several peace and human […]

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